IPS Security Consultans
IPS Security Consultans
Global Presence

IPS  global reach is now supported by it’s USA Global headquarters. Whether you have operations in one country or on every  continent,  we can and do provide a complete range of services in most areas.  An IPS project manager directs the  activities of your contract  in every corner of the globe, you are provided real time from the field reports from in country specialists and analysts  that work for our group.

Although tailored to each specific environment , activity, political or other influencing factor , we are able to develop and deliver products for large multi-national  companies with needs in hundreds of countries, thus allowing your CSO to measure and gage worldwide activities and their solutions working with  one team from our group dedicated to you and  your company needs only . While we may be protecting your plants &  inventories  in hot spots like Latin America and Africa, we might also be  investigating thief, fraud or simply  updating background checks for you right here in  the United States or your home / headquarters country. This makes reporting , analysis and company wide implementation of programs more manageable.    

The years we have spent in the field one on one in regions that many of our contemporaries  have never set foot have given us the connection and know how to help continue to conduct your business activities with as few interruptions as possible  .  

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