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IPS Security Consultans
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IPS Security Consultants is  a global consulting firm  owned by  International Protective Services. located in Mexico City, Mexico. Our Corporate  Headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, USA, our Operational Headquarters are Mexico City, Mexico. Although our main focus and expertise is in United States, Mexico and Latin America, we also operate through an important network of specialists established in many countries around the world. We have field offices in Argentina, Brazil and Israel which oversee our contracts and operations in Latin America and the middle east.  We offer comprehensive security solutions through the creation, design, and execution of intelligence activities, analysis and evaluation of risks, physical protection solutions, as well as technologic for corporations, high profile individuals, and government institutions.

The goal of IPS is to become an integrator of security policies, offering, in an optimal and efficient fashion, all the relevant data that will contribute, in a conclusive manner, to the solution to an array of problems generated by the urban environment, as well as situations originated as a consequence of the conduct and attitudes of individuals, which in a way, affect the adequate continuity of business operations or the personal safety of individuals. We have all this in mind with the purpose of implementing the levels of security and certainty considered as required, providing by these means, support to all transnational companies in United States, Mexico, Latin America and other parts of the world we presently serve.

The knowledge that IPS and its group of specialists have accumulated during the past 20 years operating in every area of the security industry in Mexico and other countries, allows us to be in the vanguard of comprehensive security solutions. During these years, we have witnessed the evolution or criminal organizations, and logistic problems and are well aware of the importance of being able to provide reliable and upright human resources as we have in our organization highly experienced personnel in the fields of National Security, Armed Forces, intelligence, as well as in the areas of law, accounting, investigation, communications, psychology, and engineering among other.

  • Crisis Management
  • Training & Education
  • Corporate Investigactions
  • Executive Transportation
  • Armored SUVs L IV, V and VI
  • Security/ Safety Assessments
  • Assets Protection Management
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement
  • Research, Intelligence and Analysis
  • Fraud Prevention and Forensic Audits
  • Diplomatic, Executive and Celebrities Protection
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