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IPS Security Consultans
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1. Information& Communication Security

Use state-of-the art security and ICT technology engineering in the following:

Computing Infrastructure

· End-to-End infrastructure solutions

· Planning, Design, Labs, POC, Benchmarks

· Robust Domain solution for military systems

· Users management and synchronization

· Printers and peripheral devices

· VoIP conference / messaging

· Procedures and utilities for Disaster Recovery

· Automatic deployment & setup tools in distributed system


· Global addressing space design

· End to End QoS design, deploy and testing with certified ATE

· Tiered design for survivability requirements

· Optimal component specification to meet ILS requirements

· Automatic Configuration Tool (ACT) for all network elements in the system


· Simple and effective Security solutions, tailored for projects needs.

· Security suite deployment by automatic tools

· Solution for developing labs and integration environment

· Cyber - Advanced security measures against future cyber threats

· Protecting the vendors code from internal/external modifications, keeping the system fully operational

Operation & Management:

· Tools for automatic synchronization of users and mail accounts in distributed systems

· Configuration of dual management sites for high availability

· Central management of SW, patches & security

· Tools for monitoring network and performance

· Simple commissioning process through minimal setup time of shelters.

· Backup and Recovery concept

· Transfer of knowledge to customers

· CookBooks (User operational manuals and maintenance guidelines) 

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