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IPS Security Consultans
Cyber Security Suite


Today's standard security means are not enough.

Firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems and AntiViruses :

· Protect the perimeter of the network

· Rely on known malware signatures

· Rely on malware exploitation patterns

· Rely on digital signature

Less effective for unknown malware, inside the network without digital signature

We offer Innovative concept and techniques to protect enterprises from advanced persistent threat (APT’s), Data Loss and other cyber threats that overcome the

Mentioned limitation.

· Bypassing digital signature requirements

· Bypassing attacks patterns requirements

· Identifying abnormal, network & process level, behavior

· Automatic alert and insight of the APT

This service include

· Consulting, Professional Services & risk analysis

· Building security architecture using both:

o traditional security tools (FW, hardening, AV…) using defense-in-depth strategy

o Cyber security (network, application and cpmputers anomaly detection)

· SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

Network Level

· Automatically detects and analyzes suspicious executable and PDFs

· identifies C&C behaviors and criminal network traffic

· Correlates the malware and communications evidence to immediately pinpoint live infections

· Terminates the criminal communications to stop data theft

Computer Level

· Detection of anomalies within a computer’s applications and memory

· low-level access parsers for disk, memory access and registry access;

· Live code integrity check to find malware code hiding in trusted applications like Internet Explorer or other legitimate Windows services and programs;

· Abnormal communication pattern recognition;

· Integration with a meta scanner using 8 different antivirus engines;

· Proven effective against malware that other security vendors failed to detect like Stuxnet, Flame, Aurora and new variants of TDL4/TDSS.

Application Level

· Secure Application Development & Application Security Monitoring

· Evidence of scans and probes by hackers and unauthorized users.

· Indicators of known attack types, such as SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and remote file inclusions.

· Attempts to access secure data by users who don’t normally use the data or requests for unusual quantities of data.

· Solutions for development and production environments 

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