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Command and Control Center


The Command and Control Center (3C's) Is a Critical part of any big operation of any big Organization especially in a "Mission Critical" Facilities

Therefor there is a special Crew which specializes on all aspects of the 3C's operation which  has well-established methodologies , knowledge and experience in a variety of  technologies for controlling and process control ( – SKADA, MODBUS, TCP/IP)  for all kind of 3C's Projects or needs from Security Control to energy utilities Control.

Example of a project flow and main milestones:

  • Understanding the project requirements and specifying the 3C's role at the organization – mapping all needs, system monitored HR, area and power establishing the work flow scenarios.
  • Creating the Conceptual Design plan and Base of a build-up process, Integration of AV systems with Monitored systems..  
  • Delivering the Detailed design and the BIDs – BOQ / BOM items technical specifications etc.
  • Managing and supervising all systems implementations.
  • Managing the ATP (Acceptance tests procedures) for all systems
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