IPS Security Consultans
IPS Security Consultans
OIL and GAS/ ENERGY Industry

The focus on securing safe and consistent oil and  gas  supply is paramount in today’s global economy.  Whether it is an interruption of supply flow at the source ,  a disruption in the supply chain,  be it in  offshore faculties , pipeline , shipping or  due to control system security breaches , having  the risk management manpower, brainpower and resources from A to Z  in- country is an absolute necessity.

IPS, is presently protecting the assets in Mexico, on and off shore  for  some of the world’s largest energy companies. Our experience covers Risk Management  Assessment and Protection from Exploration to final delivery and everything in between .

IPS, is well versed in protecting the assets of Oil and Gas companies and understands the requirements for accomplishing this.  Because of our strength , tenure and connections in Mexico we are uniquely positioned to offer services that are sometimes not available from other security companies that are “looking in from  the outside “. 

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