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Pipeline & Offshore Platforms Security &


The protection of pipelines (Land based and under water), offshore platforms, oil tankers and terminals against sabotage, illegal tapping, terrorist action etc, is a high priority in all countries, particularly in times of heightened tension; however, until now this has been extremely difficult to achieve effectively.


When one of those platforms/systems is damaged, significant revenues will be lost, damage is caused to the local environment and the leakage is a potential hazard to the local population.
Often the damage may not become apparent to the platforms operators for days or even weeks and then it may take days to accurately pinpoint the location of the damage.

IPS offer a unique and complete range of solutions that can be used to provide a high degree of protection & lost prevention to pipelines, offshore platforms, oil tankers and terminals. The systems are connected with several interfaces (attached system diagram) from one command & control center we are offering.

The Israeli experts group for design, planning and implementation of such projects have experience of many years in building up the security concept along with the most advanced related technologies for each aspect in the project; matching the technology and the human resources, putting in place the right integration of all systems to “work” together, gives huge advantage on other groups. We successfully manage to give a turnkey solution that will cover all subjects such as security, technology, safety, lost prevention and procedures.

  • Crisis Management
  • Training & Education
  • Corporate Investigactions
  • Executive Transportation
  • Armored SUVs L IV, V and VI
  • Security/ Safety Assessments
  • Assets Protection Management
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement
  • Research, Intelligence and Analysis
  • Fraud Prevention and Forensic Audits
  • Diplomatic, Executive and Celebrities Protection
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